Why Yoga and Massage Can Enhance Your Health & Fitness Levels


The numerous benefits of yoga to our health and psychological well-being are well-documented. And if you mix up the yoga with massage therapy, you can reach some of the hard-to-reach sore muscles when doing yoga, relieve more tension, and experience even greater well-being. This article looks at how both yoga and massage can help boost your health fitness levels, and why you should consider incorporating them into your regular schedule. Here’s a good post to read about yoga roseville ca, check this out!

Greater power

Yoga is known to greatly improve flexibility, which is vital for protecting your joints and muscles. After so many training sessions, it is not uncommon for strength trainers to feel some tightness is some muscles. This is why top athletes and bodybuilders love a good massage. Yoga and massage therapies help make the joints supple, and the muscles elastic, thus increasing the capacity to lift heavier weights. There’s also less risk of injury, and recovery happens faster. You may want to at the very least schedule an appointment with a massage therapies if you can’t make time for yoga classes. You can get more info about couples massage roseville here.

Greater control

Yoga practices help build body awareness, increasing your ability to adjust the muscles appropriately to avoid injury when working out. In yoga classes, we’re often told such things as “feel the lungs expand.” It’s during such practices that we learn to pay attention to the body–and build better connections between the mind and the body. For athletes/strength trainers, the ability to focus depends on this enhanced sense of control.

Enhanced sleep

That a good night’s sleep is vital for an optimal sense of balance and body performance is a well-known fact. Many studies have already demonstrated the role of yoga in increasing sleep quality, whether you are insomniac or not. This can be attributed to the lowered stress levels resulting from practicing yoga.

The breathing, stretching and mental exercises help to calm the mind, enabling you to relax and sleep better. Poor sleep, on the other hand, can be highly detrimental to your health as it impedes on your ability to relax your body and mind during waking hours. A massage also produces a somewhat similar relaxation effect, so why not double up to experience even greater benefits!

Stave of cravings

If you want to lose fat and get fitter and healthier, yoga could be the answer. Yoga helps you eat your meals more mindfully, and this awareness is important in many ways. For one, you can easily fight off cravings of poor food choices thanks to the enhanced mind-body connection. Because you can slow down, you become more aware, and therefore make better food choices.

If you can practice yoga and/or get a massage on a regular basis, you will reap the huge relaxation benefits of both. Please click this link http://www.ehow.com/videos-on_8178_yoga-massage-techniques.html for more great tips!


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